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FAQs for Collaboration & Industry Partners

FAQs for Start-Ups

What services does DiHubMT provide?

At DiHubMT, we offer comprehensive support to our corporate partners throughout their innovation journey. Our services are tailored to address the distinct needs of each partner. We grant direct entry into the startup ecosystem, streamlining solutions for business challenges.

Our service portfolio encompasses orchestrating workshops, facilitating introductions between partners, delivering meticulously curated lists of startups, and orchestrating an extensive array of innovation-centric events. If you’re seeking to amplify your innovation initiatives, don’t hesitate to contact us today to explore how we can be of assistance.

What does open innovation mean and do I have to collaborate with my competitors?

Open innovation, within the DiHubMT framework, underscores the importance of collaborative engagement among a diverse spectrum of stakeholders. We unite corporations, startups, venture capitalists, government bodies, and academic institutions to create a collaborative platform. Although we actively encourage partners to foster collaboration with other entities, the decision to engage with competitors or other stakeholders ultimately rests with each organisation. Corporate-to-corporate interactions often lead to enriched innovation, but the choice is entirely yours.

How is the success of the partnership measured?

DiHubMT evaluates the success of partnerships through a range of key performance indicators (KPIs). These KPIs include the number of startups engaged, the volume of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) or Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) signed, the initiation of pilot projects, the conversion of pilots into commercial agreements, and the extent to which these agreements align with a corporation’s overarching objectives. Our platform not only furnishes tangible metrics but also cultivates a mindset akin to that of Silicon Valley, broadening your scope for innovation.

How much access will I have to other industry verticals?

DiHubMT actively encourages cross-industry collaboration. As a corporate partner, you’ll have the opportunity to access startups and stakeholders across all industries within our purview, not confined solely to your designated vertical. We encourage you to harness the breadth of our resources for inspiration and innovation that transcends the confines of your immediate industry focus.

I already have an in-house VC. Why should I collaborate with DiHubMT?

Possessing an in-house venture capital arm is indeed advantageous. DiHubMT can complement your existing processes by accelerating your innovation endeavors, co-investing in startups, and sharing best practices founded on our extensive experience. We bring to the table a global database, a distinguished portfolio, and collaborative expertise aimed at elevating your innovation initiatives.

How can I ascertain if my competitors are already engaged with DiHubMT?

You can use our list of publicly disclosed partners to ascertain whether your competitors are part of the DiHubMT network. We proudly maintain the world’s most extensive corporate innovation network, affording you the opportunity to engage with industry peers and, on occasion, even competitors, to deliberate on challenges and innovation strategies. This collaborative milieu expedites your learning curve and streamlines the path to swift execution. By collaborating with us, you gain access to exclusive insights accessible solely through our network.

What marketing exposure can we anticipate upon joining your innovation platform?

Upon joining DiHubMT, we spotlight our new partnerships through press releases. Partners enthusiastic about sharing their successes with startups also have the prospect of being featured in case studies or having their customer success stories showcased. If you harbour further aspirations for marketing collaboration, we stand ready to collaborate closely with you to realise your specific objectives.

Can we host events at our own premises?


We’re fervently dedicated to propagating innovation globally. DiHubMT arranges innovation days, typically ranging from one day to one week, hosted at our partner’s own venues. We curate a selection of relevant startups for presentation to your audience. If you’re interested in hosting an event with us, whether or not you’re an official partner, we encourage you to reach out without hesitation. We’re eager to collaborate with you to bring your event to fruition.

FAQs for Start-Ups & Technology Entrepreneurs

Is DiHubMT solely a pre-accelerator, accelerator and incubator?

DiHubMT transcends the role of a conventional accelerator; it functions as an expansive open innovation platform. Our principal aim is to spearhead innovation at both the European Union and global levels. To achieve this mission, we facilitate connections between prominent corporations and startups hailing from various corners of the world. These connections are forged regardless of the developmental stage of the startups, with a dedicated focus on catering to the specific innovation requirements of our corporate partners.

While we do administer acceleration programs with a particular emphasis on pilot initiatives, these programs constitute just one facet of our comprehensive suite of services. We invite you to reach out today to explore the multifaceted ways in which we can offer our assistance.

DiHubMT Services

In what ways does DiHubMT support startups in their business development?

Startups within our ecosystem gain privileged access to leading global enterprises. Our corporate partners share with us their targeted areas of focus, requirements, and technological interests. We meticulously match these corporations with startups that exhibit the most promising potential to address these challenges through collaborative ventures.

These matchmaking efforts are not contingent on a startup’s development stage and are primarily oriented towards fostering opportunities in business development. We actively facilitate pilot projects, proof-of-concept (POC) initiatives, investments, and even possibilities for acquisition. Furthermore, we harness insights from our expansive ecosystem to empower startups with an understanding of market dynamics and the optimal practices for structuring their business models. Joining our ecosystem presents an unparalleled opportunity for startups keen on expanding their enterprises.

Are there any fees or equity requirements for startups to participate in DiHubMT?

Absolutely not. All our services designed for startups are completely cost-free. We neither seek equity stakes nor impose fees or commissions for participation within our ecosystem or engagement in our various activities.

Delve deeper into the reasons why you should consider becoming a part of DiHubMT.

How does the process of matching startups with corporate partners function at DiHubMT?

To initiate the process of matching with corporations, startups should complete their registration in the Members Area, an exclusive platform developed by DiHubMT.

Subsequently, any member of the DiHubMT team may reach out to the startup, extending the opportunity to connect with our corporate partners. The decision to accept or decline this opportunity rests entirely with the startup or SME, contingent upon the relevance of the connection.

How frequently do startups establish connections with corporate partners at DiHubMT?

The frequency of these connections varies according to the specific requests of our corporate partners, which may fluctuate annually and across diverse industries. Consequently, there is no fixed frequency for these matches. Our foremost emphasis is placed on the pertinence and quality of these interactions rather than their quantity.

In addition to corporate-startup matchmaking, startups also gain invaluable exposure through their participation in our global events, networking sessions, and accelerator programs.

Do corporate partners at DiHubMT express interest in acquiring startups?

The central focus of our corporate/startup matching process revolves around nurturing pilot opportunities. Nevertheless, following the successful execution of a pilot initiative, certain corporations may exhibit an interest in potentially acquiring the startup.

Must startups be invested in by DiHubMT to be matched with corporations?

Not at all.

Any startup or SME can seamlessly become a part of our ecosystem at any juncture, irrespective of their current funding status or whether they are actively seeking investment from DiHubMT. We wholeheartedly encourage startups to join us and explore the many opportunities within our network.

How can a startup apply to join the DiHubMT ecosystem?

If you are a startup or SME keen on becoming a part of our ecosystem, you can initiate the process by completing the registration in the Members Area.

Following this step, our Ventures team will meticulously review your application. If our experts deem your startup to be a suitable fit for our ecosystem, they will promptly reach out to you to schedule a discussion.